5 Signs That You Have A Boss From Hell

It’s in human nature to desire an ideal boss – a great leader, someone that treats you with respect, who brings out the best in you and values your talent. But alas, it’s just wishful thinking for most. Having a bad boss can make your life miserable – having to deal with them day in and day out, eight or more hours a day and five days a week or even more for some is nothing but hell.

If you are dealing with a terrible boss, you will most likely know about it, and here are the five signs that you are handling a boss from hell.

1. They micromanage you.

Probably the most common of all, they breathe down your necks; they control everything that you do to even the smallest of tasks and this always comes down to the lack of trust they have in you. 

2. They embarrass you in front of everyone.

They call you names, they yell a lot, they are really quick to shoot down your ideas if they find them different from theirs, and to some extreme, they even find your opinions stupid.

3. They make ridiculous demands.

I want this thing done in an hour.” “Why is it done your way, not my way?” Why this and why that? Chances are, everything is all about them. 

4. They make you their scapegoats.

They prefer not to take responsibility or be accountable for their actions. So when things go south, you get the drill… 

5. They provide little to no directions.

Which is worse? To have a boss that pretends to know what they are doing or to have a boss that’s just plain clueless? Which is the lesser evil? 

So, if you are reading this, and all these warning signs are suddenly giving you the chills because you may have experienced it in your past or present, then perhaps now is a good time to reevaluate your situation and do something about it rather than wait.

  • Gary Reus

    A British bloke who writes and interviews the hidden gems of the current world. No, I'm not related to Marco Reus.

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