5 Tips On How To Write Like A Pro

Everyone is a writer, believe it or not. We write – every day by communicating through texts, email, social media, and even by blogging and Googling. Alas, most people tend to forget that mastering the ability to communicate through writing can help immensely; opening new doors to even the smallest of opportunities in life.

As a writer myself, I’ve picked up some tips that have significantly improved how I express my words.

1. Keep it simple.

Keep it cool, keep it simple and remember there is absolutely nothing wrong with short sentences and straightforward words. Simplicity is key and once your ideas flow smoothly, read your work out loud. If a word or sentence is hard for you to say, the chances are the readers will find it hard too.

2. Focus on key ideas. 

Try to focus on one key idea to grab your readers’ attention; you may be a writer but you are also a reader. Put yourself in their shoes and have a clear idea of what you want to write. 

3. Read and edit.

Mistakes are bound to happen from time to time especially when you’re writing but you can always minimise your error by checking your words on any grammar apps. As mentioned before, read it out loud too as you can know which sentences need editing. Yes, it can be annoying to constantly check, but your writing will become clearer, effective and eventually short and sweet.

4. Proofread.

Make it a habit to proofread after the initial editing; this helps to catch any errors or typos. You might be surprised that your work may not be so perfect after all. All the better if you could have some fresh set of eyes to have a look at it.

5. Ask for feedback.

Alas, this is something that almost everyone is afraid of – asking for feedback. Be not afraid because this is considered one of the fastest ways to improve. Negative as it may be, take this as an opportunity to improve your writing even better. 

  • Gary Reus

    A British bloke who writes and interviews the hidden gems of the current world. No, I'm not related to Marco Reus.