ATLAS Vending Brings Back The Classic Morning with Automated Newsstand

KUALA LUMPUR, 3 August 2022 – ATLAS Vending, the largest F&B vending operator across Malaysia and Singapore is collaborating with Media Mulia, the publisher of Kosmo! and Utusan Malaysia in a pilot programme that will see physical newspapers sold through vending machines in strategic high footfall locations across the Klang Valley, such as the KL Sentral transportation hub, and Bangsar and Ampang Park LRT stations.

Through this effort, ATLAS Vending has achieved another industry milestone in expanding the applications for vending machines, by being the first in Malaysia to dispense and sell newspapers through them. In this pilot rollout, the placement of the machines at key transit points in the Klang Valley offers new convenience to commuters and workers on the way to their jobs, offering additional options to purchase their daily papers, instead of visiting a newsstand, convenience store or petrol mart. With vending machines operating round the clock, early bird commuters are able to get hold of a fresh copy of the newspaper before shops open. In addition, each copy of Kosmo! or Utusan Malaysia sold through the vending machines will come with two complimentary sachets of WONDA Instant Coffee.

“We’re pleased to collaborate with Media Mulia in this partnership that not only expands the range of products sold through vending machines but also reenergises the practice of reading physical newspapers. In line with ATLAS Vending’s promise of dispensing delight to the community, we hope this new convenience for commuters wanting a quick way to purchase newspapers on the go will offer a more pleasant morning, by helping them skip the queue at the cashier counter with quick cashless payment via e-wallet, credit, or debit cards,” said Amy Gan, Vice President of Marketing, Etika Sdn Bhd.

“Coffee and reading the paper are often intrinsically linked for many Malaysians, hence, we have added the world’s first premium 100% Arabica instant coffee, WONDA Instant Coffee, to each newspaper purchased, to refresh and delight our customers and elevate their reading experience. Offering a smooth and balanced coffee taste with every sip, WONDA Premium Class Instant coffee is the brand’s very first instant coffee product, brewed from single-origin beans from Brazil,” she added.

Meanwhile, Mohamad Azlan Jaafar, Managing Director and Group Editor, Media Mulia Sdn Bhd said: “There is still a market for physical newspapers despite the shift towards online platforms. Major newspapers around the world continue their print editions as the physical form of the newspaper cements the standard and quality of journalism admired for centuries. We will continue to advocate similar standards as a credible media organisation.

“Media Mulia is also pleased to partner with an innovative company like ATLAS Vending to modernise and increase the convenience of purchasing our newspapers Utusan Malaysia and Kosmo!. We will continue to seek new touchpoints to distribute our products in the future. The additional participation of WONDA Instant Coffee also completes the special daily ritual of holding a newspaper with a good cup of coffee by your side.”

For more information on this collaboration, check out ATLAS Vending’s Facebook page.

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