Eric Noveanto, The Journalist That Lives And Breathes Football

What’s the world’s number one sport? Rugby? Nah. Badminton? Not really. If you answer football, you’re definitely on the right track. The life, the fans, and the passion, that’s what football is all about. Started nine years ago, in January 2012, Eric Noveanto has been the football journalist for Goal Indonesia, in this interview we take a look at his journey.


DANIAL ISWADI: You have written many news and journals about football updates – covering stories all around the world, how are you able to handle the situation?

ERIC NOVEANTO: Not hard to handle since I spend most of my time via online works, while sometimes I’ve been assigned to several on-field events.


DANIAL ISWADI: It’s no surprise that you have travelled to different countries to cover the news and meet different international football players. Can you share with us what was the best experience you ever had as a football journalist?

ERIC NOVEANTO: I think it was my trip to England in 2013. I got an invitation to cover a Premier League match. And also in 2016 when I was assigned to Japan for J.League games.

DANIAL ISWADI: Football matches can be intense especially when it comes to derbies and rivalries; matches may sometimes end up with racial tensions, riots, vandalism and in the worst case scenario, even casualties. Have you encountered such situations while covering the news in the stadium?

ERIC NOVEANTO: Yes. Two years ago in the Indonesian league, I forgot the date but it was Persebaya’s game against PSS Sleman in Surabaya which ended in a riot. Some fans threatened to delete my captured photos of their actions but fortunately it was okay in the end.


DANIAL ISWADI: It’s common to have fans criticising and making known their opinions and knowledge about the sports including myself. Do you have any advice for these sport lovers who wish to pursue their dreams to become a football journalist? 

ERIC NOVEANTO: Focus on your dreams and never surrender. Maintain your passion and always work hard, that leads me to stay in this world for nine years so far.


DANIAL ISWADI: Sports unite people around the world. Hence, violence should not be involved in football matches between fans and players because it can ruin the players, teams and the associations. What do you hope for in football?

ERIC NOVEANTO: I hope football games can always be played as fair as possible to avoid bad things. Football industry keeps growing and reaching developing countries as much as possible, that’s what I’d like to see in the future.

DANIAL ISWADI: Your favourite football club?



DANIAL ISWADI: Your favourite manager and why?

ERIC NOVEANTO: Antonio Conte, he is a smart manager and I like his passion and workrate.


DANIAL ISWADI: Which footballer would you want to meet the most – old and new?

ERIC NOVEANTO: Old? Alessandro Del Piero. Now? Federico Chiesa.


DANIAL ISWADI: Aside from football, what’s the other sports you want to get into?

ERIC NOVEANTO: I like professional wrestling and e-sports if you count it as a sport, haha.


DANIAL ISWADI: Thank you so much Eric for your time. For those who wish to get in touch with you, how can they do so?

ERIC NOVEANTO: You can reach my Instagram or my Facebook.