F*ck You Pride! How Pride Ruins…

When they say pride can bring destruction, I couldn’t agree more. I have seen this in front of my eyes, even experienced it not a couple of weeks ago and it’s happening again right now. Co-owning a business is cool and all but to have to get involved with prideful and egotistical people is definitely a low blow. 

Oh, bear in mind I had my fair share of handling overbearing and supercilious individuals but these past few weeks, they made the previous ones look like saints and a piece of cake. So, how does it ruin a person? One thing’s for sure, pride is destructive. They make individuals inclined to anger and resentment from criticism, they take offence in anything and everything. You’ve been there, haven’t you? When it comes to business, everyone is wrong and he or she is the only one that is right about the whole shebang. 

I’ll give you an idea. At that moment, they are convinced that they are the expert and a byproduct of success; clearly their business model is failing and that is why they brought in experts but at the end of the day, all they care about are your plans, more plans and even more plans but never dare to take actions when the plans have been laid out. Malaysians call it NATO – NO ACTION, TALK ONLY. Now, this leads to more questions than answers, business opportunities gone in a whiff just because they are too prideful to acknowledge that their ways don’t work. From then on, pride ruins relationships. I called it inflated egos.

Personally, it’s okay to be proud of yourself – it certainly gives you the confidence that you need, creating the self-image that you want and sure, why not add some of that arrogance to give a boost to your credence but hey, this does not mean you can go all arrogant, stubborn, argumentative and selfish to a whole new level just because a person bruised your ego.

So ask yourself this: Is it fair to behave like an egotistical a**hole to others and ruin your relationship seeing that they hurt your pride? If your answer is yes, well, kudos to you for being a massive d*ck.