How To “Improve English” 101

Honestly speaking, English can be confusing and I myself admit it. Sure, you probably could learn it overnight but to properly construct the almost perfect sentence? That would take a lot of practice without it being a pain in the arse.

So, let’s see whether these tips that I’ve picked up could make or break you.

1. Watch more English movies with English subtitles.

Try to watch as many English movies as you can with the English subtitles, yeah? Don’t be surprised but this would work if you actually put an effort in it; it is the perfect way to hear how words are pronounced whilst learning new slang and phrases that you may not often find in books or dictionaries.

2. Read as much as you can.

When it comes to reading, it is okay to read books that use basic English. Start small because simple words does not make you a loser. Reading can help you improve your vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, and sentence structure in many ways.

3. Speak the language.

This is where inferiority kicks in. Personally, to hell with what people think when you speak. If you don’t start doing it, when will you improve? Do keep in mind, if a grammar Nazi do point out the mistakes that you’re making, don’t throw a tantrum like a five year old – listen to them and welcome their criticisation if need be. Baby steps.

4. Keep an English dictionary.

I’ve a friend whose English wasn’t her first language. What her late granddad taught her was to always carry a small notepad to jot down any words that she’s not familiar with and to refer to dictionaries every time. She did exactly that and today she’s an incredible writer. Ponder over it, yeah?

5. Practice makes perfect.

Practice, practice, practice. What more can I say?

  • Gary Reus

    A British bloke who writes and interviews the hidden gems of the current world. No, I'm not related to Marco Reus.

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