Inside Coffee Culture KB With Farhana

What’s the one drink that over a billion people drink daily? If your answer is coffee, then you got that right. We got the opportunity to sit down with Farhana to talk about her cafe, passion on coffee and her plans for the future.


DANIAL ISWADI: Hello Farhana. How are you? Selamat Hari Raya to you. I am very happy to have you here. So, tell me a little bit about yourself. 

FARHANA: Born on the 20th of September 1997, and majored in art and graphic design, I have always been passionate in doing business besides arts of course. As someone who is never short of ideas, executing it is something that I will make sure of doing. Not to mention, I am also persistent and hardworking.


DANIAL ISWADI: How long has your family been in the business and where is your cafe located? 

FARHANA: We opened Coffee Culture KB during the Movement Control Order (MCO) in 2020 and we’re located in Panji, Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

DANIAL ISWADI: Why a cafe?

FARHANA: Business has always been a passion in our family. My sister and brother-in-law have always loved freshly brewed coffee so we decided to open up a cafe where we get to combine the two things that we love.


DANIAL ISWADI: What do you usually do in the cafe? 

FARHANA: As the head barista and front crew, I usually open the cafe, cleaning up the front part and making beverages.

DANIAL ISWADI: What are the challenges you faced when you and your family ran the cafe ? 

FARHANA: There were a lot of challenges we faced especially since we opened the cafe during the Covid outbreak. One of them was that we had to close down temporarily due to the MCO so we had no income but we still had to pay for the rent. The long restriction led to a lot of spoilt stocks and days where we had to increase our price due to economic demands. 


DANIAL ISWADI: Why the name Coffee Culture KB specifically?

FARHANA: Coffee cultivation began in the Arabian peninsula and it kept expanding to other countries such as Turkey, Denmark, France, Cuba, Netherlands, Ireland, Mexico and many more. Another name for coffee cultivation is coffee culture. Thus, why we named our cafe as Coffee Culture KB.


DANIAL ISWADI: What are the most famous drinks in your cafe?

FARHANA: Our most famous drinks are our signature drinks; Rusty Chip and Pinky Paradise. Rusty Chip consists of coffee, chocolate and chocolate chips whereas Pinky Paradise is a non-coffee drink and contains vanilla, strawberry and raspberry. 

DANIAL ISWADI: As one of the owners I do believe you want to expand your business more. Do you have any plans for the cafe in the future ? 

FARHANA: We’ve planned to expand our food and beverage choices according to customers’ demand and we’ve also planned to expand our business by opening branches in other states such as Johor, KL, Melaka or Penang. We want people to recognise Coffee Culture KB as one of the cafes where you can look up and plan for a visit. We want people to visit our cafe for its ambience, food and the coffee because for us we strive to provide satisfaction when it comes to our customers’ experience.

DANIAL ISWADI:  Thank you so much for your time Farhana. I do hope one day I will visit your cafe someday. Is there any way our readers can contact you?

FARHANA: You can either contact me via WhatsApp or visit our cafe’s Instagram and Facebook.

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