JOBBIE’s Monkey King Coconut Peanut Butter Subscription Plans Offered Exclusively On SUBPLACE

KUALA LUMPUR, 15 December 2021 – JOBBIE’s newest peanut butter flavour-Monkey King Crispy Coconut Peanut Butter, will give you a taste experience like nothing before and we are sure you will love it.

JOBBIE is a local Malaysian peanut butter brand created in 2014 by the couple Joseph & Debbie. Known for being a pain in the nut (pun intended) for disrupting the mainstream commercial peanut spread sector by creating an all-natural peanut butter specifically tailored for Asian & Malaysian taste buds that is creamier and less salty than the western counterpart. All JOBBIE peanut butter refrain from the use of artificial colourings, flavourings, added oil, preservatives, fillers etc., using only wholesome ingredients grown from mother nature.

Monkey King Crispy Coconut Peanut Butter is a combination of the well-loved JOBBIE’s peanut butter plus imported whole coconut meat toasted into crispy flakes. The opening notes are strong, nutty and fragrant, followed by a mellow and creamy coconut aroma. The first bite will allow you to experience the crackling of a thousand pieces of crispy coconut in your mouth.

JOBBIE is launching its biggest subscription plan ever this December with 3 tier subscription plans revolving around the JOBBIE Monkey King Crispy Coconut Peanut Butter product: – Tier 1 Monkey Prince (45% off), Tier 2 Monkey King (50% off), Tier Monkey God (52% off). The original price before the discount is RRP39.90 per bottle.

SUBPLACE is delighted to be a part of this partnership and is looking forward to bringing to market exclusive access to this limited-edition flavour. Through subscriptions, SUBPLACE makes sure your home and pantry are filled with the peanut butter supply all year long, bringing convenience and ease with subscriptions. Always have JOBBIE Monkey King Crispy Coconut peanut butter at hand, to be indulged in anywhere and anytime.

JOBBIE x SUBPLACE’s subscription plan

Subscribers will be able to enjoy free delivery to their doorstep with a fresh batch of Monkey King monthly based on the tiered plan. This promotion is exclusively available only on the SUBPLACE website and mobile app. Tier as below:

3 tier deal for Monkey King Crispy Coconut 380g (RRP39.90)

Tier 1 – Monkey Prince: 1 bottle MK @ RM22 per month/ (12) months subscription/ RM264 one-time payment (45% discount)

Tier 2 – Monkey King: 2 bottles MK @ RM40 per month/ (12) months subscription/ RM480 one-time payment (50% discount)

Tier 3 – Monkey God: 3 bottles MK @ RM57 per month/ (12) months subscription/ RM684 one-time payment (52% discount)

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