Personal Branding Through Fashion

What comes to your mind when I mention the name Anna Wintour? Most of us who are into fashion would definitely know her as the famous Vogue Editor-in-Chief but to be frank, when you hear her name automatically your head will say Wintour equals icon in the fashion world, with her trademark pageboy bob haircut and dark sunglasses; that is Wintour in her glory, her own brand, her style that she built single-handedly to make people remember her, be it online or offline. So who says we can’t have our own brand? You totes have the ability to make an impression on other people based on what you wear and how you want to present yourself.  Just ask Gen Z!

1. They’re so narcissistic, but in a good way. 

I’m not criticising but hear me out. Did you ever realise that Gen Z can never really separate themselves from the mirror? They go to the toilet and check themselves out or go to the fitting room with some new clothes to try out and snap some nice photos even to an extent when they passed a car they can literally stopped midway to check if everything is impeccable; yeah, they want to be aesthetically pleasing, they want to have that sense of confidence and signature look and they want their voice to be heard wherever they go. This generation seems to pick it up naturally and that is totally okay.

vale-zmeykov-goLwlSH_M7A-unsplash (1)

2. Trends are their desire. 

Trust me when I say they know about all the trends in the world, you better believe it. From the latest fashions to gossip, they are the generation that knows it all.  Easily adaptable to the ever changing environment, they are always consistent in their style that falls in line with their very own brand plus getting noticed by the people around them is definitely a bonus.

3. They’re just themselves. 

Yes, they love the latest trends but one thing that’s kinda mind-boggling is the fact that the trend is just a trend but authenticity, self-love and acceptance are as important. They go for the most vibrant lipstick, the fluffiest scarves or even wear non-identical socks – who cares? They set their own tone but with an added bonus of the latest trend. At the end of the day, it’s all about signature style. You are your own brand, why not own it?