Recognised As Malaysian’s Top Choice For Healthy Home Solutions, CUCKOO Takes Home Two Prestigious Awards

KUALA LUMPUR, 24 February 2023 — Healthy Home Creator, CUCKOO International (MAL) Sdn. Bhd.’s (CUCKOO International’s) continued efforts to make homes healthier over the years has earned the confidence of Malaysians with two award wins voted by consumers, the Putra Brand Awards 2022, and Putra Aria Brand Awards 2022. At the award ceremonies held recently, CUCKOO International took home the Bronze award for the Personal, Household & Outdoor Appliances category at the Putra Brand Awards 2022 and the Silver award for the Home Improvement Products & Stores category at the Putra Aria Brand Awards 2022.

“Thank you, Malaysians. These wins mean a lot to us, reflecting your trust in our earnest passion to empower Malaysians to be #SAMASAMAHealthier. As Malaysia’s leading Healthy Home Creator, CUCKOO International always strives to rise above challenges, constantly crafting Beyond Standards experiences and delivering innovative wellness-focused solutions. These have not only reflected in the 97% satisfaction rate received in our customer satisfaction survey done recently, but also culminated in our first Putra Brand Awards win in just eight short years and our win in the inaugural Putra Aria Brand Awards,” said CUCKOO International Founder and CEO, Mr. KC Hoe (Hoe Kian Choon).

CUCKOO International has seen rapid growth since its establishment. Within eight short years, CUCKOO International has grown from a water purifier company to be Malaysia’s leading Healthy Home Creator with one of the most diverse ranges of Healthy Home solutions that touch customers in different aspects of healthy living. Apart from its Beyond Standards innovations, CUCKOO International’s rapid growth is also driven by its innovative CUCKOO Rental Plans that has made its offerings accessible and affordable for people from all walks of life. 

“Our strategies in helping Malaysians integrate health into their homes through accessible and affordable Healthy Home solutions have proven to be fruitful. They have helped us to grow to be a household brand and to serve more than 1.5 million Malaysians todate. These wins will also motivate us to continue raising the bar of excellence by delivering more holistic healthy home solutions to Malaysians, staying true to our Beyond Standards promise, especially as we journey towards our 10th anniversary milestone next year,” said Mr. KC Hoe.

The highly acclaimed Putra Brand Awards, also known as the People’s Choice Award, and the inaugural Putra Brand Awards, are organised by the Association of Accredited Advertising Agents Malaysia (4As) recognises brands that connect and build a strong relationship with consumers. Both awards are endorsed by MATRADE as the Brand Champion Partner and supported by the Malaysian Advertisers Association (MAA), the Media Specialists Association (MSA) and the Malaysian Digital Association (MDA).

Winners of the Putra Brand Awards are voted by Malaysian consumers. In 2022, over 25,000 responses were received during the eight-week period from end September to mid-November from consumers who responded to invitations to participate in the survey that were published on 60 websites.

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