SUBPLACE Launches Donation Drive To Support Women’s NGOs In Celebration Of International Women’s Month

KUALA LUMPUR, 8 March 2022 SUBPLACE announced a public donation drive in celebration of International Women’s Month 2022. The online subscription platform has pledged support to seven local women’s NGOs that will be featured in a charity campaign held in conjunction with International Women’s Day.

SUBPLACE is an online subscription-based platform that offers a variety of daily essentials and high value products to customers solely on a subscription or rental basis. With the mission to make life easier for the public, the platform offers products ranging from food and beverages to electronics as well as services, and their vast repertoire of offerings also include charity subscriptions.

Jumping on the opportunity to highlight women’s charities that are supported by the platform in conjunction with International Women’s Day, SUBPLACE hopes that the campaign will help raise awareness about NGOs that have been working tirelessly towards protecting women’s rights and welfare.

The seven women’s NGOs featured on SUBPLACE include: Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO), National Cancer Society of Malaysia (NCSM), PT Foundation, Women of Will (WOW), Purple Lily Sarawak, Stand Up, and Pertubuhan Kebajikan Al-Firdausi.

“We hope this campaign will draw attention to the plight of women throughout the country who need your support, and to the NGOs that are tirelessly helping them. Through campaigns such as our International Women’s Month campaign, we hope to highlight to our subscribers that we don’t just offer home goods, food and electronics or shopping, but our platform also supports charities and NGOs, and we encourage our subscribers to pledge their support with monthly donations of a nominal fee. This can really go a long way to help charities and NGOs continue to keep serving our community,” said Mak Wai Hoong (WH Mak), CEO of SUBPLACE.

Leveraging the power of subscriptions to help NGOs and charities is new territory for Malaysian consumer platforms. SUBPLACE has high hopes that subscriptions will eventually be a mainstay in the consumer lifestyle, as the subscription mechanism makes it an ideal channel for donations to charities and NGOs while also being conveniently accessible by consumers looking to give back.

SUBPLACE hopes that charity subscriptions can help connect the public to a variety of NGOs working for the public good that may not normally be on their radar, forming a sustainable funding channel between NGOs and the public, so that the former may continue with their good work.

For this International Women’s Month, SUBPLACE hopes that the public will use this opportunity to subscribe to monthly donations for Women’s aid and welfare organisations working throughout Malaysia. By making giving back as easy as one clicks to subscribe, and with the option to cancel anytime as simple as signing up, SUBPLACE hopes that they can help revolutionise charity donations by making it easy and accessible for everyone.

SUBPLACE’s International Women’s Month will run between 8th of March 2022 until 25th of March 2022. For more information, visit here.