Sunway Pyramid Set To Revitalise Mall With Enhancement Initiative, Welcomes Jaya Grocer As New Anchor Tenant

KUALA LUMPUR, 25 July 2023 – Sunway Pyramid is kicking off the second half of the year with its enhancement initiative that will see the mall undergo a transformation that will maintain its Egyptian-inspired identity whilst introducing a renewed, seamless shopping experience.

The flagship mall, which recently celebrated its 25th silver jubilee anniversary last year is looking to further elevate the shopping experience for its community, whilst incorporating both modernity and sustainability into a new design for the well-loved shopping mall.

Having undergone various expansions and refurbishments in 2007 and 2015, with the latest addition being the establishing of The Link between Sunway Pyramid, Sunway Pyramid Hotel, Sunway Resort Hotel and Sunway Lagoon – the mall is not one to shy from innovating and improving to provide an infinitely better experience for all who walk through its doors.  

The enhancement initiative will span 300,000 sqft with the intention of refreshing the mall to embrace elements befitting today’s modern retail industry. Targeted for completion in Q4 2024, the enhancement has since commenced with the departure of previous anchor tenant AEON, which has been exiting in stages since the start of the month. Its final day of operations for its grocer will be on 31 July 2023.

Shoppers will not need to worry about a lack of shopping options, as Sunway Pyramid will be welcoming its new anchor tenant, homegrown brand Jaya Grocer in Q4 of 2024. Ahead of its opening, a pop-up version of Jaya Grocer will be introduced in Q4 of 2023 so they can still purchase their necessary items when needed.

Aside from the introduction of Jaya Grocer, other flagship stores and specialty brands will be brought in to add even more style and flair in the enhanced portion of the mall. Creative pop-up stores, events and experiences will be held within the mall in order to make use of the available space whilst the enhancement is taking place – so shoppers can look forward to these exciting experiences in Sunway Pyramid throughout this period.

Jason Chin, General Manager of Sunway Pyramid shares that this enhancement is a step forward for Sunway Pyramid to begin a new chapter in redefining the unique experiences that the mall can bring to the community.

“For over 25 years, Sunway Pyramid has served the shoppers in the surrounding vicinity and beyond in providing them with opportunities to create and celebrate wonderful memories through our offerings. This enhancement will allow us to not only expand on our existing experiences, but also refresh and rejuvenate the mall by injecting a modern and more vibrant take on a mall that many have come to know and love. Aside from ensuring seamless shopping experiences, we hope to benefit the community by also creating more job opportunities from the many new stores that will be unveiled in the coming days, whilst providing great value for those we value the most – our shoppers,” he shares. 

For more information on Sunway’s enhancement initiative, visit the website here, or stay tuned to the mall’s social media channels for all its announcements for the exciting things to come!