Understanding The Non-traditional Art Of Rug Making With Mia

Art. Many of us will have the impression that art = paintings and colours.  However, art is more than that. Did you know that rug making is considered art though it has never been considered as one in the same way that a painting or a sculpture might? To further understand this “non-traditional” form of art, we sat down with rug designer, Mia.


DANIAL: Hi Mia! How are you?

MIA :  Hi Danial! Yeah, I’m doing good! Thank you for asking.


DANIAL: Tell me more about yourself. 

MIA: Oh gosh! Where do I start? Hi, you can call me Mia, and I’m 29 years old! Was born in March and I’m an Aries. I’m the oldest daughter and have two brothers. I like doing arts and I have a Diploma in Fashion Design and a bachelor’s degree in Multimedia Design. I guess that is it? Hehe.


DANIAL: I have noticed that you have been running your rug business. How long have you been doing it?

MIA : I’ve been doing this since 2019, it started as a hobby cause’ I always wanted a rug of my own but in different designs. It’s hard to find someone who can do it, so I thought I could pull it off and everything started from there. I did the research on my own and watched a lot of YouTube videos about rugs! Then one of my friends was really interested in one of my designs, so yeah, I guess it’s a hobby turned to business?? Haha.

DANIAL: What makes you want to do this kind of business?

MIA : I really enjoy doing arts. I was thinking of doing some canvas art and selling it cause I like to draw and colour, but instead of doing that I thought of something else that I can do that’s related to art like tufting. I even imagine what if one day one of my tufting art makes it to an art gallery? InsyaAllah.


DANIAL: Is it easy to make rugs? How do you make them? And what are the tools needed?

MIA : It depends on the designs and size. Tufting is not easy. I usually forget to eat and it is time consuming; I would be in my room doing tuft probably for two days just to finish one design. I use a projector and project the image onto the canvas that I punch on the frame that my brother made for me. 

Before I started tufting, I was doing punch needle and this method was really hard and made my arm sore as it is 100% by hand and is a handmade product. Then I bought a tufting gun and that helped me a little bit but still if the design is too complicated to make, I will use a punch needle. For example, a coaster. Since the size is too small, I use a punch needle instead of a tufting gun.


DANIAL: What kind of art pattern do you usually make?

MIA : I usually make customs and so far I don’t have any personal self-art of my own which I would love to discover about that for myself one day, but for now, I’m too busy doing people’s designs and orders.


DANIAL : What is your favourite rug?

MIA : I don’t have a personal favourite. Yet.


DANIAL : How many rugs do you make per day?

MIA : Per day??????????? No. One rug can’t even be made in a day. It would take weeks T.T


DANIAL : Thank you so much Mia. I believe people would love to buy your rugs. Is there any way we can contact you in the near future ?

MIA : You guys can follow my Instagram for more at @theferalx