WEEBFACE Shows Us The Way To An Authentic Weeb Experience

Watch out, world! WEEBFACE has arrived. This new London-based rapper is storming his way into the music scene with his weeb influenced drill music. To get the scoop, I tapped into this Portuguese-ethnic to give us his take on his influence.


DANIAL ISWADI: Hello WEEBFACE! Thank you for your time to answer the questions. How is it going? I really hope you are doing okay especially with this new variant that has been affecting all of us. Tell us more about yourself.

WEEBFACE: Hello, I am WEEBFACE and I make anime/weeb influenced drill music.


DANIAL ISWADI: You have been writing and composing your own rap songs and on top of that some of the lyrics are written in foreign language which is Japanese. Can you tell us how are you able to do that? 

WEEBFACE: In the beginning I started writing raps as a coping method to the difficult circumstances I was in, it made me feel good to be able to write my emotions on a piece of paper, I was able to learn more about myself as I found ways to portray my message in a clearer way so that other people that listened would understand, this had a ricochet effect because I reflected on my own lyrics and learnt from them. I decided to add Japanese language to my songs not because I speak, it was simply because you can’t have a real weeb song without Japanese words, so I came to a conclusion that I should add some Japanese words to my raps for an authentic weeb experience. Some of the words used are often heard in anime, so it wasn’t hard to add them to the lyrics.


DANIAL ISWADI: Do you speak Japanese fluently? 

WEEBFACE : I don’t speak it fluently, my Japanese level is low intermediate, I have been self learning for a few years, so I can start basic conversations in Japanese. Nothing too special but enough to talk to Japanese people without fear.


DANIAL ISWADI: What makes you want to add those Japanese words in your rap songs? 

WEEBFACE: Sometimes I add the Japanese words to my raps for comic relief. I know people will laugh when they hear it; I’m an entertainer, so I would like people to have a joyous time when listening to my raps. I don’t personally check grammar or pronunciation, since most weebs don’t, I wanted my music to be as close to weeb songs as possible.

DANIAL ISWADI: How long usually does it take for you to write and compose a rap song with two different languages? 

WEEBFACE: It usually takes me two weeks to a month to fully write a song. If the song has a lot of Japanese phrases it might take an extra month because I want the right feeling to be shown, if it doesn’t, one extra week is enough to complete it.


DANIAL ISWADI: I believe WEEBFACE is your stage name. What does WEEBFACE mean and why did you choose this name as your stage name?

WEEBFACE: WEEBFACE is the side of me that only comes out when around fellow weebs. It would be presumptuous of me to say I represent all the weebs whose faces are not seen, but that’s my goal. Hence why I selected this name.


DANIAL ISWADI: How long have you been a rapper and what makes you want to become one? 

WEEBFACE: I started rapping in 2020 as a hobby. I noticed no one was doing what I was planning to do, so I want to become a rapper so I can  live with the freedom to express myself with raw/uncensored emotion in the lyrics.


DANIAL ISWADI: Do you have any particular favourite rapper and why? 

WEEBFACE: I listen to a lot of the UK drill rappers, but if I had to pick one it would be Yanko. His raps are very visual and his wordplay and flows are incredible.


DANIAL ISWADI: Have you been to any rap concerts before? If yes, who are the rappers? 

WEEBFACE: I have been to a rap concert before, funny enough, it wasn’t a UK artist. I went to watch one of Kohh’s concert in London many years ago and he is my favourite Japanese rapper, I really like his music even now.


DANIAL ISWADI: Apart from rap music or hip-hop music, do you have any other specific music genre that you listen to? 

WEEBFACE: I like to listen to a lot of genres, but recently Korean indie rock has been my favourite when it comes to listening to full albums. NELL is my favourite band.

DANIAL ISWADI: Do you have any advice for those young generations who would like to become a rapper in the future? 

WEEBFACE: Just go one lyric at a time, no need to become something that you don’t want to, keep your integrity and rap about topics you want. Eventually, the inspiration to write tracks that can make people follow your journey will come to you naturally. 


DANIAL ISWADI: Thank you so much WEEBFACE for spending your time with us. We truly appreciate it and it is very delightful to know a talented person like you. If anyone wants to get to know you, is there any way to do so?

WEEBFACE:  Thanks. You can follow me on my socials; Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube channel. See you.